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Oi, minions!

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A Very pridehouse Christmas

The day began at 9.30 as we staggered out of bed. Not very 5am parents'-pillows bouncing, I know, but we had to give santa some time to fill our stockings (which he actually did - wtf?! win!). Photos to follow of our goth stockings above the fireplace books, piles of presents arranged around the christmas leek, and so on.

We then proceeded to get ridiculously buzzy on coffee and chocolate coins, and to open all our shiny nifty material-goods-is-the-reason-for-the-season PRESENTS! We got a goth toaster (that burns a skull+crossbones into every slice), a chocolate fountain, a sandwich toaster, some hair extensions, many cool clothes, and More Chocolate Than Belgium And Switzerland Put Together.

After putting on our shiny new clothes, we went out for a walk, as a catgirl, a hobbit, a man and a cartoon character (no prizes for matching them up - and if you can't, take the bloody quiz as an educative measure!). Up Headington Hill to the beautiful view of Oxford, via some time monopolising a children's playground and claiming squatters' rights over their miniature house.

When we got home, we were faced with our greatest trial yet - the Epic Battle of Roasting Stuff. Potato, sweet potato, butternut squash, carrot, pepper, onion, garlic, sausages, pies, pasties, stuffing, yorkshire pudding... as is Traditional for Epic Roasting Battles, we were aiming for lunchtime and ended up eating at around 4. I accept full responsibility for this, though equally for how yummy everything was.

Everyone seemed to need a little break after we defeated the huge pile of root vegetables, so we went for naps, and reconvened at 7pm for Chocolate Fountain. The utter joy of this cannot be described - it can only be understood by your coming to the next pridehouse party, and partaking. It works with strawberry and blackberry and marshmallow and ice cream.. it works with left-over yorkshire pudding. And I still feel painfully full.

The evening has been spent vegging, with nautical drama, Discworld trivia, quiz-making, mug-painting, buffy musicals and of course online-form-created romance novels with ourselves as protagonists.

And now, 18 hours later, after a truly wonderful day, we must to bed.


sebastienne, gin_gerkitten, & mundi_gaudium.
*grin* and love from me as well, but i was drunk/asleep by that point!

Was a supercool christmas!
I'm you! Rock. xxx
ION, I will selflessly volunteer if you wish to conduct experiments on whether the chocolate fountain works on people.

Edited at 2007-12-26 03:58 pm (UTC)
And I will selflessly volunteer to watch with great interest!
For science!
I'm you too! Win!
This could explain why my cup size has increased dramatically.

...or Bravissimo just wanted to sell me more bras. But I prefer the gradually-morphing-into-sebastienne theory.
I am also of the Emma-esque persuasion. Are you creating an army of devotees in your image, perchance?
Interestingly, a lot of Anna's friends seem to be coming out as Ashley, while the majority of Oxford-people are coming out as me..

*concocts Emma & Ashley unite to take over the world plan*
*concocts Emma & Ashley unite to take over the world plan*

Cool - best of luck with that! Can I be your ambassador to Italy when you rule the world? I miss Rome...

In other news, I still don't know the location of Pit(t) the Younger. Can you let me know? My number is 0780 095 1977 if you want to text me.