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Exhibition on in London until February 17th:


Beardsley, Dulac and their Contemporaries 1890-1930

28 November 2007
17 February 2008

With the death of Aubrey Beardsley in 1898, the world of the illustrated book underwent a dramatic change. Gone were the degenerate images of scandal and deviance. The age of decadence was softened to delight rather than to shock.

As a result a new generation of illustrators emerged. The masters of this new art form were artists like Edmund Dulac and Kay Nielson.

The exhibition of British fantasy illustration will be the first such exhibition in Britain and the first worldwide for over 20 years (the last being in New York in 1979). The exhibition is curated by Rodney Engen.

Adults £8/Senior Citizens £7/Concessions & Art Fund members £4


Click the linky for videos and some of the pretty pictures we can go and see, if we so desire.

Road-trip, my darlings? Comment below to express interest and I'll see about teeing up a date...
Ooh, me me! Shout out for the 18th of January, or any time after the 9th in fact.