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No more music.

Thank you, and good night.
A rather gorgeous camel-coloured cashmere coat has turned up in the Pride kitchen.  It's clearly a relic of Tuesday-night's pre-gothing.  

Will the owner please claim it before it gets co-opted into the Pride collective wardrobe and is never seen again except when being worn by one of us?

I prepared exploding runes this morning...
Exhibition on in London until February 17th:


Beardsley, Dulac and their Contemporaries 1890-1930

28 November 2007
17 February 2008

With the death of Aubrey Beardsley in 1898, the world of the illustrated book underwent a dramatic change. Gone were the degenerate images of scandal and deviance. The age of decadence was softened to delight rather than to shock.

As a result a new generation of illustrators emerged. The masters of this new art form were artists like Edmund Dulac and Kay Nielson.

The exhibition of British fantasy illustration will be the first such exhibition in Britain and the first worldwide for over 20 years (the last being in New York in 1979). The exhibition is curated by Rodney Engen.

Adults £8/Senior Citizens £7/Concessions & Art Fund members £4


Click the linky for videos and some of the pretty pictures we can go and see, if we so desire.

Road-trip, my darlings? Comment below to express interest and I'll see about teeing up a date...
Oi, minions!

Take our quiz!

We'd be very interested indeed to know who you are...

A Very Pridehouse ChristmasCollapse )
  To ensure that the sun comes back up and that the days grow longer once more, Pridehouse will be partying this Midwinter.

Mulled wine, hot spice apple juice, mead, burning singing revelry.

Won't you join us?

(Dancing skyclad in the frost is optional expected if you're hot.)

Bring beer, mead, Winter Pimms, etc. 

Tonight, the Pridehouse got together and had their most orignial party yet - the NIT PARTY!
Friend-of-a-friend having acquired a number of passengers, we agreed to do the responsible thing and collectively treat our hair.

We all got together with beer, Baileys, and bottles of treating stuff and hoiked fine combs through our hair.  

And did we find anything?  Did a single freeloading parasite make an appearance?


Rumours of our infestation have been greatly exaggerated.

However, the absence of nits means all the more beer for us.

Finally went and asked somebody what the odd building at the bottom of the garden is.

Turns out it's a 33,000w substation.

That's a lot of lightbulbs.

(I think the guy told me the wattage as a hint not to play with it)
Lunch - 2pm - Port Mahon.

See you there?
Golden Compass - Monday 10th - Magdalen St Odeon - 6pm.

booking soon.

should I get you a ticket?

pls. indicate, student/adult.