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gacked from thekit - cats in things they're not supposed to be in?


... and the next time you come over, we'll do the same to you.
Can we get a print of this for the kitchen? Pretty please?

I don't know where we'd put it exactly, which is why I'm not sure what size print to go for.. but I don't even do or get art at all and this is moving me.

Are you scared to walk through the hallways?
Are you worried that the spiders run away?
Are you petrified... of being petrified?
Are we going to have to save the school again?

Harry and the Potters, Save Ginny Weasley

It is also possibly worth pointing out that at the moment, pridehouse is currently playing host to a REAL LIVE BASILISK.

Well, something is blocking up the hot water pipes, making them shriek wildly at weird hours of the morning and causing the entire house to resemble a damp, freezing dungeon.

The man who came to fix the pipes might not know what's causing it. But WE DO, OH YES. DAMN YOU, SALAZAR SLYTHERIN.

Now, has anyone got a Sword of Gryffindor handy that we could maybe borrow...?

Image credit: potterpuffs
After much caffeine-fueled discussion with Granny, we got onto the topic of charity and fundraising stuff, and had an idea:

We'd like to do some form of xmas party, but everyone who comes makes a donation, which will be given to charity afterwards. We can all afford a couple o quid, and that'll really add up between a whole party of us. We're not going to make a big deal about it at the party, mind, just a normal do, but with the bonus of getting some cash together for charity.

Any thoughts, people?

Oh, and buy a damn goat for christmas, you have enough stuff already.
37 Union Street, New Haven, ConnecticutCollapse )

A Cat's Protection League shop, 37 Union Street, MaidstoneCollapse )

37 Union Street San Fran (where they do this)Collapse )

More Union Street pictures appreciated!

Union Street, AberdeenCollapse )
Sarah may be an ineffecient mook, but her workmen are fucking /stars/.

Woken up at 11 by the sound of people in the house. scared shitless, i wander downstairs, to discover two workmen, hard at fixing the kitchen doors.

During making them tea and trying to relax again, i bitch about the washing machine not being installed.

They promptly fix it.

We have a new working washing machine and doors.


i would like to point out at this juncture that the downstairs bedroom in pridehouse currently contains KITTYPILE of excellence and joy. and win. and flavour.

we can has wireless internets!

great party - thanks all!

dear god, a little mental maths (1+1+1+...) has shown that there were at least 46 of you! didn't seem that crowded, did it? mmmpridehouasepartyfunyum. time for eating leftovers and mopping floors now...

(photos to follow, in a friendslocked post - join the community to see them. membership will be moderated.)
Parteh is tonight

Come and be hot or we will SULK and POUT at you.

(ps this does not mean you have to do anything - you are already hot - but steampunk costumes are encouraged, obv.)


The Logic Engine